About SB

Superbasicos was born on May 5, 1994. Our mission is commercializing and distributing all kinds of national and imported basic oils for all applications and industries.

Among the main basics that we commercialize are the Group I, Group II, and Group III paraffinics, mineral oils, white oils, food grade oils, NF, and naphthenic oils.

We have basic oils that serve as raw material for the formulation of lubricants for automotive, industrial, agricultural, and process applications, as well as for the manufacture of greases.

We also handle oils for the petroleum industry such as drilling fluids and oil-based hydraulic fracturing.

Our prices are very competitive in light oils such as SN 60 GII, SN 70 GII, SN 80 GII and SN 100 GII thanks to the volumes we handle by barges and ships brought directly from Refineries located in the United States and other countries in the world.

We have an American company, Superbasicos Inc., with which we make direct purchases from the manufacturers of basic oils. This allows us to commercialize our products both in Mexico and in the United States.